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In Washington, a domestic violence assault of the fourth degree is defined as an attempt to commit battery, as well as causing contact with the victim that a reasonable person would find offensive. To be charged with this crime, the defendant must be a family member or household member. Although an injury must be reported by the victim, the assault must result in the contact being offensive. It is important to retain the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney to avoid jail time.

The punishment for this crime is severe. A conviction for a fourth degree assault can land a person in prison for three64 days or a fine of up to $5,000. For the first time offender, the charges are less severe, but may still be enough to result in a felony conviction. Even if the assault was not violent, the offender may still face a lengthy prison sentence and be barred from possessing a firearm for a certain period of time.

A person charged with a 4th degree domestic assault must have committed an act of ‘intentionally harming’ the victim. A crime of this nature involves the intentional and reckless actions of a person, intended to hurt the victim. The person responsible must have been married or have a significant relationship with the victim. If the victim is a minor, there are other considerations that must be taken. The offense should be addressed immediately.

Second and third degree domestic assault are felony charges. These are both punishable by three to ten years in prison. If you are guilty of a third degree domestic assault, you may also face a fine of $10,000. The punishments for this crime depend on whether or not the person was the victim’s spouse or the perpetrator. While they both carry the same sentence, the third degree case is punishable by a felony charge of up to four years in jail.

Missouri is tough on domestic assault. Courts take assault charges seriously and will pursue you vigorously if you’re found guilty. The Missouri DWI and Criminal Law Center has attorneys with experience in domestic assault cases, including 4th degree domestic assault. Call now to schedule your free consultation. The penalties for a fourth degree domestic assault case can range from a small fine to a year in jail. So, it’s essential to work with a skilled attorney right away. They can help you understand your legal options and what’s next.

An attorney with experience handling domestic violence cases can protect you from the harsh consequences that result from a conviction. An experienced attorney can fight aggressively on your behalf to get the most favorable result possible. A good attorney will take the burden of defending you off your back and keep the charges from getting out of control. Don’t make a mistake by rushing to hire an attorney. Your case is too important to gamble with the outcome.