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When you get married, you agree to share your life with another person. But when your marriage ends, the process of separating your lives can be challenging. If you and your spouse can’t agree on important issues like child custody, property division or spousal support, you might need the assistance of a family law attorney. A family lawyer will help you navigate these unexpected circumstances and protect your best interests. This article lists some common situations where a family lawyer can assist you.

What is Family Law Legal Services?

A family law attorney provides legal advice and representation to people experiencing a wide range of marriage, divorce, or child custody issues. When you call on an attorney for assistance in these matters, you ask for a specific type of help that attorneys are trained to provide.

Family lawyers focus their practice on specific areas of the law that involve private matters between family members. In other words, they deal with legal questions that emerge during personal relationships.

Who do Family Law Legal Services benefit?

A family law attorney can help you with a wide range of issues that affect the family. Issues such as divorce, child custody, property division and spousal support are often contentious. A family lawyer is trained to help you walk through these issues fairly and compassionately.

Examples of cases that Family Law Legal Services deal with

Husband, Wife, and Child

Many couples are surprised to find that separation, divorce and custody issues can present problems for children. Children often suffer a great deal from the emotional upheaval of divorce and custody disputes. A family lawyer can help you navigate these emotional issues in a way that is respectful of your family.

Parents’ Rights

Parental rights include having physical custody of your children and being able to make decisions concerning them. If one parent, or both parents, has been accused of abuse or neglect, child support issues may also be involved. Family Law Legal Services will protect your right to have an attorney representing you when you fight for parental rights. This way, you can be certain that your rights are handled most appropriately and respectfully.

Spousal Support and Property Division Issues

When two people marry, they enter into a legal contract governed by law. When the marriage ends, there may be disagreements over how to resolve issues such as spousal support and property division. Suppose these matters cannot be settled between spouses. In that case, a family lawyer can help prepare the appropriate paperwork and provide professional legal advice so that resolution can be reached in the fairest manner possible.

Family Law Legal Services For Spouses Who Haven’t Yet Filed Papers For A Divorce

The divorce process can provide some advantages to those whose marriages have failed. The divorce process helps spouses communicate and work together to hash out issues that threaten their family. It also provides an opportunity for spouses to create a plan for the future that will allow them to maintain a healthy relationship with each other and their children. It is important if a person has yet to file divorce papers, to consult with a family lawyer regarding this important decision.

Where can you find more information about Family Law Legal Services?

A family lawyer will help you when things get difficult during your marriage, divorce, or child custody issues. You can find more information about family law by visiting the website of the Law Society of British Columbia