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Hiring a DUI lawyer can be pricey, but it’s worth it. When you are arrested for drunk driving, the consequences could affect your future and that of your loved ones. A lawyer can help you reduce that impact by guiding you through the complicated legal process and helping negotiate a plea bargain or taking your case to trial. Continue reading this post to uncover why you should hire a professional attorney when facing DUI charges.

1) You Get Free Legal Advice

If you need help with your legal situation, whether that be getting out of jail or figuring out exactly what happened after the arrest, hiring an attorney is a win-win situation. Getting legal advice from an experienced lawyer and saving money on a legal defense are two great things.

2) You Get Peace of Mind

When you hire a trusted dui lawyer in Phoenix, you can trust them to represent your case in the best possible way. If you’re facing charges of drunk driving, talk with a lawyer to find out what options are available to help you on your road to justice.

3) You Can Get Bail Set at the Beginning

Often, drunk driving defendants are held in jail before they have an opportunity to speak with a lawyer. That is completely illegal. If you have to pay bail, hiring a lawyer before your first court appearance will cost more. When you have a lawyer in place, bail can be set at your first court appearance rather than before lawyers can meet with their clients. DUI lawyers are especially keen on working for free to help their clients get released from jail as soon as possible.

4) You’re Protected From Forfeiture

When an arrest is made for drunk driving, any assets that might be used to help pay the fines associated with the charge are often seized by police and used as evidence against you. If you hire a DUI lawyer, those assets can be protected, so the money is used to pay your fines, not state police salaries.

5) You Get the Best Possible Outcome

Every time you go to court, and there’s a chance of getting a reduced or mitigated sentence, a Phoenix DUI lawyer, can be present at every court appearance to ensure that your best interests are protected. If you’re facing drug charges, an attorney can also ensure that your rights are protected. DUI lawyers are experienced with these cases and know how to get your case dismissed or plead guilty to something less severe than what you might have been arrested for.

6) You Can Get Your License Back

Often, defendants are facing DUI charges when they were not the ones behind the wheel. If you know you were not driving but were arrested for drunk driving, an attorney can help you get your license back. If your license is suspended, you will have to wait longer to get a valid card and potentially face higher fees for reinstatement. If you went through a DUI school, it could take an additional year or more before the state covers basics like proof of insurance or registration. However, when you have a lawyer on your side, there’s little reason to wait even longer to drive again – and with fewer worries about being stopped and ticketed.

If you’re facing drunk driving charges without a lawyer, you’ll have to do everything yourself. From the beginning, you’ll need to research your state’s laws on drunk driving, drug limits, what alcohol levels indicate intoxication, and how to respond in court. If your case requires expert witnesses or that you be examined by a medical professional for proof of intoxication or drug use, a Phoenix DUI lawyer, can help you get the expertise needed for your defense. Even if hiring an attorney is expensive in the short term, it may save you money in the long run if it means that the crime doesn’t leave a permanent mark on your record. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, hiring a DUI lawyer is one of the best things you can do to help your case.